My purpose…is in the here and now.

What is your purpose…? In many people including myself, this evokes thoughts and images of this big, significant “thing” that you are working towards and someday will reach (hopefully). This is the thing you were born to do, and only when you figure out what it is and DO it, will you find real lifeContinue reading “My purpose…is in the here and now.”

Sugar, anxiety and insomnia…and other tips to get you to sleep better tonight!

I have always been able to switch off my bedside light and fall asleep within minutes. Even on my travels, often sleeping in youth hostels sharing rooms, it wasnt an issue for me. Ever. When my son turned one a year ago, it changed. For his 1st year I slept well in between multiple nightContinue reading “Sugar, anxiety and insomnia…and other tips to get you to sleep better tonight!”

Thinking of you dad, on your 81st birthday.

Dear Dad, Today is your 81st birthday. You left this earth – our dad, husband, brother, son, brilliant doctor, world traveller… on 8 July 2014 – 4 years ago. Today on your birthday, I think about you. I think about life. And some of it scares me, but mostly I am grateful and I realiseContinue reading “Thinking of you dad, on your 81st birthday.”

Mommies…let’s be real?

The other day as I was driving, an interview came up on the radio. The woman being interviewed has an incredible CV. She has a top post at a university, an online business and she is a mom of a 1 and 3-year-old… At the start of the interview when she casually mentioned that yesContinue reading “Mommies…let’s be real?”

All of this unpacking is getting me nowhere…

“I got hijacked at gun point infront of the psychologist’s practise at her house in Cape Town…” The journey of mental and emotional wellness looks different for every single person… For the past 8 years or so I have been struggling on and off with bouts of anxiety and depression which was mainly linked toContinue reading “All of this unpacking is getting me nowhere…”

Eks ‘n nuwe mamma

Ek wil al bitter lank weer iets skryf.  Dis terapeuties vir my, maar dis asof ek amper nie die woorde aanmekaar kan ryg vir als wat in my aangaan nie. Ek is ‘n nuwe mamma. Ekt altyd gedink die stelling hierbo klink en gaan heerlik wees. Dit gaan my vervul, my gelukkig maak, betekenis gee,Continue reading “Eks ‘n nuwe mamma”