The toddler review: Playzone!

Playzone: ┬áThis is a big YES from Lucas (22 months) and mommy! Yay for good coffee and a BIG yay for the nannies and amazing, clean, safe play area! You pay R50 for the 1st hour and then R30 for every hour after that. Nice menu, I ordered a big coffee and plate of chipsContinue reading “The toddler review: Playzone!”

My top 9 toddler friendly places in and around Durbanville

Being a stay at home mommy to my 21 month old Lucas, part of the past 10 months or so since he could walk, was to find awesome places for us to go during his awake time. ┬áNot too far away from home and a pleasure for me as well as for Lucas to goContinue reading “My top 9 toddler friendly places in and around Durbanville”