The toddler review: Playzone!

Playzone:  This is a big YES from Lucas (22 months) and mommy! Yay for good coffee and a BIG yay for the nannies and amazing, clean, safe play area! You pay R50 for the 1st hour and then R30 for every hour after that. Nice menu, I ordered a big coffee and plate of chipsContinue reading “The toddler review: Playzone!”

My sugar detox journal – confession time! What’s your WHY?

I never remember very clearly how it starts – it always seems a bit blurry.   But then I find myself finishing an entire piece of the most delicious, moist carrot cake on a Sunday morning.  How did this happen…?  How is it possible to go from super motivated and focused, to stuffing my faceContinue reading “My sugar detox journal – confession time! What’s your WHY?”

My sugar detox journal…hidden sugars to watch out for!

I finished my 21 days of trying my best to go off sugar. Although I am happy with my progress,  I am not entirely happy with how the 21 days went. Why?  I had about 4 “cheat” days I didn’t cut out ALL sugar (for example: Honey, fruit and certain refined carbs) I don’t thinkContinue reading “My sugar detox journal…hidden sugars to watch out for!”

My sugar detox journal – this is hard!

I am currently on day 15 of my 21 DAY attempt to detox myself from sugar. The first 10 days were relatively easy for me – I think it was due to my human will power doing fairly well initially…  Then my old habits started to taunt me… Let me explain: I am a stay atContinue reading “My sugar detox journal – this is hard!”

Eating healthy – why is it SO hard..?

Part 1: Why is it so hard? I’ve decided to write about my struggle to consistently eat more healthy for two reasons. Firstly, I believe there’s a reason the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry (most people struggle with this in some degree)…and secondly I am hoping that writing about this issue will helpContinue reading “Eating healthy – why is it SO hard..?”

Eks ‘n nuwe mamma

Ek wil al bitter lank weer iets skryf.  Dis terapeuties vir my, maar dis asof ek amper nie die woorde aanmekaar kan ryg vir als wat in my aangaan nie. Ek is ‘n nuwe mamma. Ekt altyd gedink die stelling hierbo klink en gaan heerlik wees. Dit gaan my vervul, my gelukkig maak, betekenis gee,Continue reading “Eks ‘n nuwe mamma”